Thunder sounded and lightning struck. It was a cold night and the wind howled. A woman was screaming in agony, the art of giving birth was being performed. My birth to be exact. After hours of pain and pushing, I was born. The doctor and midwives did what they could but after all of […]


I’m an addict I’ve got boxes Stored in the attic You see I’m addicted To a past of static I don’t even really remember It’s really all just a fragment But every now and then I’ll get the urge to go through it I know it’s wrong of me But sometimes I just want to […]


Seventeen. What an age to live. Caught between responsibility and no care in the world. Some of us learn to either plan a future and walk the path of responsibility, and then some of us, decide that life isn’t worth the headache and walk the path of a care free adult. Some make it, some […]