His head hung low
Shoulders slumped lower
The silhouette of a broken man
The night was dark
The moon shone bright
But not enough so
That I could make out his face
From all that I could see
Was a lonely silhouette of a man
But from his lousy form
I could see the brokenness
I wondered to myself quietly
What could break a man so
Was it love
Was it loss
Or maybe it was a long day
I’ll never know for sure
Because as quickly as I noticed the man
He had disappeared into the night
But to where I wondered
There was no where for him to go
The street was empty 
With no road to turn
Just then a car passed me by
And in a drunken stupor 
I suddenly began to realize
The silhouette of a man he
He was my old friend
Walking ahead of me
The man was my shadow 
Projected up on a wall
By a speeding cars headlight
And my shadow protected 
The brokenness that I carry