Encounter with Death

While I was asleep. My mind began to wander. I found myself in a strange dream. I was on a cliff side overlooking an ocean. I could tell it was cold, but I didn’t feel it. Up ahead there was a bench on the edge, facing the open sea. Sitting there was a man. I could see smoke drifting away from him. I hesitated for a moment, I then approached the man sitting on the bench. I found myself standing next to the bench facing the sea. I could see the man looking at me from the corner of his eye. He motioned for me to sit. The man looked safe enough. A t-shirt, jeans, and Chuck Taylor Converse. His hair was short but pushed back. The man was puffing on a cigarette. He took a drag and offered me one from his pack. I politely declined. I explained that I had quit smoking years ago. He grinned.

He then began to speak, taking a long drag and blowing the smoke into the wind, “You’re early”. He spoke.

I was confused, I know I didn’t have an appointment with this man. Who was he anyways? He could see the question in my eyes. Explaining that he was the collector of souls.

“Grim reaper?” I asked him in confusion.

He chuckled at my revelation. “Something like that.” He responded.

My mind was baffled. No reapers cloak, no black and white suit, but jeans, a t-shirt, and chucks is what death chooses to wear? “Am I dead?”

“No, not quite. That’s why you’re early.”

” So then why am I here?”

” Not sure.” We sat in silence for a minute or two staring out to the open sea. He took a long drag and began to speak. “Attaining immortality, has been my most loneliest endeavor, I have gained everything a mortal could wish for, and I have lost everything a mortal holds dear. I’ve found the purpose of life, and it is not what most believe. The ultimate goal of mankind should not be everlasting life, but to make the most of life, with the time you are given. Because ultimately, the time you are given is far more than enough. Too much or too little leaves you on the edge of existence wishing you had lived your life, rather than trying to prolong your life, or wishing it was all over. The minds of men cannot seem to comprehend the existence of time. They foolishly try to take a hold of time as if it were tangible. Time waits for no man. Time bows to no one. Time only moves forward. Forever and ever, leaving everything else behind. Becoming immortal has made me one with time. I cannot die, therefore, no matter how hard I try, I’m forever moving forward, I leave everyone and everything I know to the cold grasp of the past where everything good, everything bad, it all goes to wither away and die, fading from memory.”

I was confused. Was death once a man? Where did that come from? I was not expecting that to come from the conversation. The man stood, tossed his cigarette to the ocean.

“Figured since you’re here without permission I could at least give you some words of wisdom. Now go, live your life, the next time you’re here, there won’t be an exit to return back to your home. This will be the end of the line for you. I look forward to our next meeting.” He grinned and walked off. As he walked, a fog rolled in and within a few minutes, he disappeared into the fog. I closed my eyes to try and take it all in, and as I opened them, there i was laying in bed.