His head hung lowShoulders slumped lowerThe silhouette of a broken manThe night was darkThe moon shone brightBut not enough soThat I could make out his faceFrom all that I could seeWas a lonely silhouette of a manBut from his lousy formI could see the brokennessI wondered to myself quietlyWhat could break a man soWas it […]

3 A.M. Visit

The night was long, dragging on and on. Hours passed as I lay awake in my bed. Id watch the second hand slowly move as I fought for peace. Craving sleep like an addict needing a fix. It hurts, but my mind will not silence itself. My body cries out, yet my mind wonders. Tossing […]

Encounter with the Old One

A beautiful day with the sun shining through my bedroom window. I woke with a yawn and a good stretch. Rubbed my eyes and blinked trying to refocus. Walked to the kitchen and put a pot of coffee on. Turned on the t.v. only to find nothing but terrible news and nothing good to watch. […]

A Quiet Home

This home is quiet Something I myself Do not understand From a family of five And before that Being shuffled aboutBetween family to family This stillness foreign I do my best I know all in lifeHas a sort of start So for now at least I will enjoy this peace For before long Cries at […]

Encounter with Death

While I was asleep. My mind began to wander. I found myself in a strange dream. I was on a cliff side overlooking an ocean. I could tell it was cold, but I didn’t feel it. Up ahead there was a bench on the edge, facing the open sea. Sitting there was a man. I […]